Get the Crash Cart, ER’s Coding

I have watched ER since the first episode. I have stuck with it through the years even though it has gone through several bad seasons.  The last few seasons, I thought they finally found their footing again and was looking forward to a final season with Pratt, Morris, Gates and other recent favorite characters.  Instead, we get Pratt’s death in the first episode and his replacement played by Angela Bassett becomes the focus of the final season. 

While Angela Bassett is a very good actress, I think the last thing a long running show needs for the final season is a new, poorly written character as the focus.   The proper direction for the show would have been to focus on the already established characters, bringing their stories to a satisfying ending.  An ER run by Pratt(or Morris if Mekhi Phifer did not want to return) would have been much easier to watch than an ER run by the new doctor.  Along with finishing the stories of the existing characters, I would like to see more of the old characters return, if only for a small part.  It’s time to celebrate the history of the show, not the steely resolve of a character no one knows or likes.


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