Election Thoughts

Eight years ago, I worked on the McCain campaign when he was running against Bush for the Republican nomination.  I was extremely disappointed in the McCain I saw in this election.  Instead of staying true to himself, he decided to pander to the right and made some bad decisions.   As much as I liked the McCain of 2000, I was unsure about voting for the McCain of 2008. I am not one of the Republicans who believe that any vote for a Democrat is bad and I’m not one who thinks Obama will destroy the country.  I like many things about Obama, but I have concerns with some of his positions and was unsure about voting for him. I also lean toward the idea that any vote for either of the major parties is a vote for the status quo, but I could not find an off party candidate for whom I could cast my vote.  It was a tough decision for me and in the end I voted for McCain based on my past history with his campaign and my belief that if elected President McCain would resemble the MCCain of 2000 more than the McCain of 2008.

This morning does not feel like a morning of defeat for me.  This morning still feels like a morning of hope for the country.  This morning signals the end of a disastrous eight years of an administration that should have never been elected once, much less twice.  This morning gives us hope that our country can start to move forward and repair our reputation in the world.  This morning gives me hope that a large portion of the country has moved past judging a person based on the color of their skin.   This morning gives me hope that with the end of the election will come the end of 2008’s John McCain and the return of the John McCain who will work with Obama to move the country forward.

I urge everyone, regardless of where your vote went last night, to move forward, to come together to help get our country back to what it should be.


2 thoughts on “Election Thoughts

  1. Amen. Although a Democrat myself, I’d love to see us as a nation come together -regardless of politics, race, creed or color. You are right we need to move forward from this point to heal our nation and it’s reputation with the world.


  2. Alan, I completely agree. I saw the McCain of 2000 rear his head in the concession speech. I wanted Obama to run against 2000 McCain not this 2008 placating extremist wing nut.

    Yes, it is a great day in America and indeed the world. Across the world, we are now once again seen as a beacon of hope not the bully of “christian theocracy”


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