Knight Rider(A Reviewlet)

A reviewlet because I forgot that I should review it when I watched it and didn’t make any note of what I should say. Unfortunately, I will be watching this every week because my wife and son liked it, so maybe I will write more on it later. What I can say now is that it has perhaps the worst acting of any network show I have watched in a long time. The worst of the bad actors is Bruce Davison, who plays Charles Graiman, the head of the Knight Industries project. He is just horrible in every scene he is in. The Sydney Tamiaa Poitier also stands out as the stiffest of actors in a veritable stiff fest of a show. As for the plot: it seems the premiere episodes main goal was to set up a reason for the attractive main actors to take their clothes off. There was also mention of a secret past for the new Knight Rider, but I was too distracted by Deanna Russo in her underwear to pay much attention to that.  The effects were decent, but again the effects were overshadowed by Val Kilmer’s very boring take on the voice of Kitt.  Hopefully it will get better as I am resigned to being forced to each each week with my family.


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