There are people in your internet

Passing along this post I found on FriendFeed.

One of the things I have always hated about the Internet is the way people use the anonymity to be meaner and more negative in their interactions with others. Social networking turns into anti-social networking quickly. Trolls abound on message boards and blogs. This election season has been particularly bad with everyone picking their “team” and treating everyone on the other side poorly. Everyone needs to do as the blog above says and remember that there are people on the other side of those words on the internet.


3 thoughts on “There are people in your internet

  1. People haven’t changed just the way they deliver their meanness or negativity has. Take the school yard bully – he now bullies online instead the playground (or maybe both). The Internet is just the messenger – don’t shot it go after the real problem – the person behind it. Yes, they need to remember to be civil and kind but that has always been the case. Until we can deal with the human element don’t blame the technology.

    But what about the good side of all of this? People raising money for someone they may only know virtually (I know of 2 cases). One was a bulletin board forum I was a member of and we raised money for one member who was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Never met the person face to face yet we raise several thousands dollars to help his family with medical costs. The other was people raising money so one woman’s young dog didn’t have to go blind. Here “friends” on FriendFeed helped pay for the dog’s surgery.

    Internet just echoes what is in the human heart. If goodness and light is there it is amplified but the flip side is if meanness and negativity is there you’ll see that too.


  2. I wasn’t blaming the internet for the meanness. Just saying that the anonymity of the Internet allows someone to let the meanness out. It’s easy not to see the real person on the other side of the words and thus not hold back when responding with anger.


  3. Meant to come back and clarify my position sorry for being so slow. Where I was coming from is don’t blame the tool (internet) but the human. I still believe that anonymity isn’t what makes meanness but the general makeup of the person. If I’m not mean at heart why would being anonymous make me suddenly mean? Let’s just say we all (no matter what our core being) need to keep in mind that kindness goes a long way vs. meanness.


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