Ray Boltz and the holier than thou’s

There has been a lot of buzz on the blogs recently regarding this article in the Washington Blade regarding Christian artist Ray Boltz coming out as gay.  Of course, many Christian blogs are denouncing him and I have seen comments from people saying they want refunds in all his CD’s they have purchased.  Unfortunately, many Christians seem to need a group they are allowed to hate to make themselves feel better.  My position has always been that even if you believe homosexuality is a sin, that does not mean you can condemn the homosexuals.

I use the story of Jonah in my middle school boys class to illustrate my point regarding this issue.  Many people focus on the fish part of the story, but there is much more to it.  Jonah as told by God to go to Ninevah to deliver His message.   Jonah ran away from this task because he hated the people of Ninevah and did not want them to be saved.  God sent a storm ,Jonah admit sit is his fault and is thrown overboard.  The fish that swallows him is actually a good thing and saves him from drowning.  While in the fish, Jonah gives in to God and consents to go to Ninevah.  After preaching the Word and Ninevah and seeing the people repent and be saved, Jonah was angry.  He tells God this is why he did not want to go, because he knew God would save them and he didn’t think they deserved it. 

It doesn’t take long for the boys in my class to get to homosexuals when I ask which group would the their(and the church’s) Ninevites.  Somewhere along the way we have forgotten the fact that God views all sin the same and have decided their sin is worse than ours.  Not only that, we are repulsed by their sin and stand ready to expel them from the church as soon as we discover it.  Through all of this, we have the nerve to act like we care to know the answer to the question What Would Jesus Do?  What Jesus did is illustrate love for mankind even through their sin.  I also believe he said “Judge not, lest you be judged”  and also to not point out the speck in your neighbor’s eye while ignoring the beam in yours.   We could all stand to live by these guidelines.  “Christians” who are all about hating others for their beliefs are the reason so many people have a bad opinion of any church these days.

I’m not questioning religious belief with this.  All of this still applies if you believe homosexuality is a sin.  This sin is no worse than the sins you commit every day.   Would you want me to denounce you and call for you expulsion from your church because I found out you lie  or cheated on your wife?  I think not.



  1. This mindset is really easy to get into especially when you care for people the way christ has commanded us to. I struggled myself with this thought however i know the story of Jesus and the woman at the well. After he gave her love ; he gave her understanding of who he was(Christ) and what she was doing(a lifestyle of sin) he told her to go away and sin no more(repent).
    The problem with the above mindset lies in the understanding and unwillingness of the sinner to repent. Do “chrstian” homosexuals believe they are sinning or not.
    At this time christians fear God’s warning of the apostasy and perversion of his word so human nature kicks in and as a result they run or shun.
    With that being said maybe this belief is just as judgemental toward the”hollier than thous” as they are toward homosexuals….. Than we have to be careful correcting anyone.


  2. Adam, you might want to recheck the Bible. It wasn’t the woman at the well to whom Jesus said “go and sin no more”. It was the woman caught in adultery, and who the people wanted to stone to death. Before telling her to go and sin no more, He likewise told the crowd that whoever among them that was without sin, to go ahead and cast the first stone. No one did.


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