Sons of Anarchy(FX)-Review

I finally got around to watching Sons of Anarchy last night. It airs regularly at 10PM on FX and is the story of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club.  SAMCRO basically runs the town of Charming, controls all crime in the city and runs guns.  The club is run by the brother of the founder who is now married to the founder’s wife. Her son is the heir apparent.  This episode sets up a conflict between the son, Jacks who wants to follow his dad’s vision and turn the club straight, and the uncle,  who wants to stay outlaw.

All of the major players do a very good job in the show, especially the one playing Jacks.  Drea De Mateo is great in a small role as Jacks’ junkie ex-wife.  There is a nice subplot about a member of the club who’s gone straight after a stint in jail and the club’s attempt to draw him back in.  I also enjoyed the vegetarian who is trying to become a full member of the club.  It’s chock full of violence and language, so don’t watch if you don’t like this.


The only thing I didn’t get was the end when you find out one club member is an Elvis impersonator. 

Best new show of the year so far.


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