Why I FAIL at 2.0

1.  I have never posted a FAIL in response to something not working the way I want.

2.  I have never use the phrase I Can Haz or any variation thereof

3. I have never purposely typed the word teh

4. I have never proclaimed something or someone FTW

5.  I’m sure there are many more of these that are not even on my radar.

I also feel the need to drive around the country and smack the people who do the above with regularity.  Especially teh and I can haz.  Perhaps I should log off the internet and read a nice old fashioned book.


One thought on “Why I FAIL at 2.0

  1. tater…IMHO you should use the tools the way YOU want them to be used…If you don’t want to talk that way..that is cool..but don’t unplug yourself for a few common now accepted misspellings.


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