Hey Brett, Do Me a Favrer and Shut Up Already

I am officially sick of hearing about poor little Brett and his issues with the Packers.   I think Brett, like most athletes, need to deal with how the real world works.  If I were to announce my retirement tomorrow(I wish) the library(after much rejoicing by many) would waste no time finding a new person to replace me.  If I came back after they had named a replacement, but before they started and said I regretted my decision and wanted to come back I would not expect the library to take me back.  I would suck it up and deal with it like an adult.  I think in most real life situations, this would be the case.   I can’t understand why everyone feels sorry for the cry-baby.  You made a decision, the organization moved on and you should as well.


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dad, librarian, UK fan, Ravens fan, future hermit

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  1. I so agree. And I thnk everyone outside of Green Bay is sick of it too, and Green Bay fans are deluded. Do you ever look at Deadspin.com? Their coverage has been suitably mean-spirited.


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