Undecided Voter

I just took the selectsmart.com test to see who I should vote for in the election.  These are the results:

1. Theoretical Ideal Candidate (100%)
2. Joseph Biden (withdrawn) (65%) Information link
3. John McCain (63%) Information link
4. Barack Obama (63%) Information link
5. Al Gore (not announced) (61%) Information link
6. Bob Barr (61%)

I am happy to see that I am above 50% on candidates, but as you can see I am dead even on both the major party guys and only 2% lower on the libertarian(the party I voted last election).  No wonder I am wavering every day on which one I like.  I will be paying close attention to the debates this year and will continue to read and listen to people from both sides as much as possible to make an informed decision in November.

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