An Introduction to Me

I have blogged before.  Used to post a lot on Live Journal. Most of it was whining about personal life issues and I eventually got to a point where I didn’t want to post there anymore.  I have blogged for training at work, but it was a very dry, assignment-oriented blog.  My hopes for this blog is to react to topics both in my field of library sciences and in the world at large.  I also hope to not be too boring.

A little about me:  I am an almost 40-year-old married father of two.  My kids are 12 and 8. Most of my life revolves around my family.  I also work with my church youth group and have many other “kids” out there ranging from 12 to 26 years old.  I read a lot and watch a lot of television.  Any political views I post will likely be more right-leaning than most librarians you will find and I welcome any arguments and insults you want to throw at me in any area.

5 thoughts on “An Introduction to Me

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    Since I’m too lazy to write new stuff I decided to find the first post ever on this blog. Here it is. It is very short. I was almost 40 at the time. Now I am pushing 50. My political views have shifted left and I lied about writing about library stuff. I actually try to not post about work or the library field.


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